Root Canal Treatment in one visit

What is root canal treatment?

The word root canal refers to the passages inside the roots of your teeth that contain pulp tissue.

If this pulp is inflamed or infected then it needs treatment and it is called root canal treatmemt.

What causes root canal pain?

Tooth decay that reaches the pulp canals

Tooth damage due to wear or fracture of the part of the tooth

How do you know that you need root canal treatment?

Severe pain on eating or putting pressure on your tooth

Sensitivity to hot or cold that lasts for sometimes after removal of the stimulus

Swelling in the gums near you tooth or even swelling of your face

Darkening of your tooth

Root canal treatment procedure:

It is a multistep procedure that involves removing the infected or inflamed tooth pulp, cleaning, shaping the canals and then filling it with root canal filling material.

By traditional ways of treatment these steps are performed through several visits to the dentist and with low success rate.

But nowadays with the new technology of rotary instruments, apex locator devices and the use of Laser in endodontics, we can provide this treatment only in one visit with a higher success rate.

“ one visit technique for root canal treatment is the most successful and comfortable way of treatment that you should have in a dental clinic”

What is apex locator device?

It is a device that helps the dentist to reach the proper length of the canals without the need to take several x- rays and expose you to a high dose of radiation.

Why does Laser Assisted RCT help in increasing the success rate?

Because , Laser radiations improve the disinfection efficacy by eradicating microorganisms inside the root canals more than that is done by conventional techniques.

Root canal after care:

After finishing RCT you must get a crown for your treated tooth to protect it from fracture.

You may experience a slight pain while eating on your tooth for 1 -2 days that will resolve totally after that.

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