With Bridges

The permanent bridge is cared for like your permanent teeth. The bridge should be cleaned properly in between the teeth and  under pontic (tooth of the bridge which fills the space of the missed tooth). Proper brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is also important.


What Type Of Dental Floss Should I Use ?

Dental floss threader is a type of flossing tool that helps you to get dental floss into otherwise impossible areas!

A floss threader is basically a piece of stiffened nylon thread, about 4 inches long, folded to make a tear-drop shaped loop with the ends glued together . The tip is blunt and soft, so that it does not damage your gums.

You can also use water flosser, visit the following link for more details: WATER FLOSSER


What Is Floss Threader Used For?

Basically, it is used to thread floss through between teeth where it may be difficult or impossible otherwise. When having a bridge, you will know that it is usually made up of three or more “teeth” joined together. Because of the “joins”, you can’t get floss down between the teeth in the normal way. But there ARE small spaces under the bridge that MUST be cleaned.


How To Use Floss Threader ?

Kindly play the video below