Tooth Jewelry


What is the Twinkle?
A twinkle is a tiny piece of jewellery designed to be bonded to the natural tooth (will not stick to porcelain crowns).

How is a Twinkles attached?
It is bonded with composite, which leaves the tooth intact and allows an easy removal.

How long will the Twinkles stay on the tooth?
A Twinkles will stay on until you decide to have it removed.

Will the jewel harm the tooth?
No! The Twinkles is bonded to the tooth surface like an orthodontic bracket.

How do I remove a Twinkle?
Removal should be performed by us.  Without harming the tooth surface.

Will Twinkles impede brushing?
No, the presence of the Twinkles will encourage brushing, since it brings more attention to the smile.

Can the Twinkles be felt on the tooth?
Twinkles are only 0.5 mm thick. Usually it is felt couple of days after application, but the client soon get used to the feeling.

Is it allowed to perform this procedure on a minor?
There are no restrictions but you should always obtain parental acceptance before bonding a Twinkles on a minor.