Root Canal Treatment

Teeth are held in the jaw by their roots. Inside each root is the pulp (nerve) which supplies, nourishes and sensitize the tooth. Root Canal Treatment is the removal and cleaning out of any infection in the pulp and root canals.

The biggest advantage of Root Canal Treatment is that the tooth will not be extracted in the future. You are saving your tooth as well as money, because if the tooth is extracted then you will need to replace it with either an implant or a bridge, both of which will cost you more than the Root Canal Treatment.

Tooth needs to be crowned after this Root Canal Treatment since it becomes weaker.

NOW, save time and effort at Royal Dental Center with our new device (J. Morita Root ZX II), by which your root canal treatment is done in just one session instead of the traditional treatment with several sessions.


For steps of Root Canal Treatment, kindly play the video below.