Computer Guided Implant Placement

What is Dental Implant ?

Is an artificial tooth root that is implanted into the jaw to hold a replaced tooth or bridge, which is readily accepted by the body. Implants have the look and feel of natural teeth.


What is Computer Guided Implant Placement ?

It is a powerful 3D engine to create a 3D volume from digital imaging data of your jaws for an intuitive way to plan your implant placement. Then this 3D  virtual planning data is converted to a real custom made surgical template 




What are the benefits of  Computer Guided Implant Placement ?

>Planning is done prior to surgery minimizing unexpected situations.

>Suitable for diabetic and patients with bleeding tendency.

>Accurate and safe implant placement.

>No need for sutures.

>Small incisions with no flaps.

>Short operation time.

>Short recovery.

>Can be used for single to full arch implant placement.