Surgical Procedures


› Slight bleeding may occur. Stop bleeding by applying a small gauze pad to the bleeding area for 90 minutes. If bleeding persists apply a moist teabag and bite firmly for an hour. If bleeding continues after this please contact us.

› Please refrain from rinsing or spitting for 24 hours

› Keep fingers and tongue away from surgical area.

› Use ice-packs  for the first 12 hours to reduce swelling.

› Drink lots of fluids (do not use a straw and be careful with hot or warm drinks).

› Follow a soft food diet.

› If your jaw muscles become stiff, you may chew gum to relax the muscles or apply a warm moist towel to the outside of your mouth on the muscles.

› Rinse mouth with warm salt-water for a week after your surgery.

› Avoid smoking for 5 days after the surgery.

› Please follow any prescribed medication or antibiotics to the end of course.